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Aries Daily Horoscope For April 04, 2014

April 4th, 2014 Aries

Zodiacware.com : Your Rashi(Moonsign) is Aries. Today the Moon is transiting through the Taurus Rashi that is, the second house. The effects of such movements of the Moon will bring about mixed fortune. If your days are going well, or your Moon is strong then you will enjoy a delicious meal today.

You may receive favorable letter from somewhere. Incidents relating to money may happen today. Whether there is profit or not depends upon your past and present efforts. Today is especially an auspicious day for you and will bring you direct results for your efforts. On the other hand, lack of effort may yield tough results.

Although the Moon is exalted today, you will play an important roll in drawing love and affection from your domestic front depending on your tact and goodwill. If you have any tie-up with any educational institutions you may resume contacts today and can assess your position. There is good scope for initiating on the art of singing or delivering lectures – you may start and develop the same.

You are likely to witness some pleasant as well as unseemly incidents during the day.

Taurus Rashi(sign) represents white color. In view of the experiencing results, you may accept and wear white colored costumes. Likewise, you may take pleasure in consuming sour foods.

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