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LEO Horoscope For August 10, 2018

August 9th, 2018 Leo Your Moon sign is Leo and right now the moon is transiting through Cancer. Today’s transit of the Moon will not prove to be beneficial for you. You may suffer from mental pain and agony. As the Moon is in transit through its own sign today, there will be a reduction in the negative effects.

There may be a hurdle in general outcome today. You are advised to spend the day in a simple manner and avoid taking important decisions. Do not start any new projects or get into any kind of sale and purchase. In case you enter into any purchase deal today it may prove to be costly for you. If you decide in favor of carrying out a sale, you may incur loss in it.

You are advised to identify your detractors and oppositions, and accordingly remain cautious on this account. Parts of your body that require attention and protection today are your eyes and legs. In order to get rid of your tensions and worries it will be good for you to meditate.

A mixed color of red and yellow will be unlucky for you today.

There may be evil influences on your mind today. Be in control of your urges. Worship Lord Krishna and recite the Gita.

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