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AQUARIUS Horoscope For August 10, 2018

August 9th, 2018 Aquarius Your Moon sign is Aquarius. Today the Moon is transiting through Cancer. During this period the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. This transit of the Moon produces mixed results.

Today you should stay away from a mixture of red and yellow. Do not get involved in any type of disputes and try to spend your day in a simple and peaceful manner. Do not take decisions, purchase materials, initiate projects and financial investments. You may opt for taking a journey, but take extreme care. Be very careful while executing any work, otherwise you may get hurt.

Protect both your house and yourself from thieves. You may be preoccupied with fear, lust, or sadness. It will be your responsibility to overcome such internal enemies through your concentration and devotion. Identity your real detractors and maintain a safe distance from them. You should take consultation from a doctor if you are suffering from any prolonged disease.

In matters relating to education and knowledge you will succeed through study only. Keep control over your expenditure. This day will pass pleasantly and peacefully, but you should remain alert because the Nakshatras do create some adverse situations. You should try to get a hold over your family with the help of your brothers and relatives.

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