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ARIES Horoscope For January 28, 2021

January 28th, 2021 Aries Your birth sign is Aries. Today the Moon is transiting in the fourth house from the birth Moonsign. This warrants careful attention. Even though Moon is placed its own sign, and reduces the malefic effects of this position to a certain extent, you are advised not to start any new projects today nor get entangled into any disputes. Lead your life in the simplest manner. You may utilize your mental power and thoughtfulness solely in a constructive direction today.

If you intend to do something in association with a number of people it may prove to be successful, but still there is a grave risk in it. It is possible that you may face humiliation. You should try to avoid such a situation in which you may feel embarrassed or you may face defeat. For this, it is essential that you should not make an issue of anything that concerns your status and prestige.

Cancer is a watery sign. You have to remain careful and keep away from water. It will be better if you can avoid taking salt, or salty food.

Cancer represents pale red color, you should keep away from this color today. Do not get involved in any work, which exerts pressure on your heart. Be very careful while driving a vehicle.

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