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CANCER Horoscope For January 28, 2021

January 28th, 2021 Cancer Your Moon sign is Cancer. Today the Moon is placed in the same sign. The Moon is transiting through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. The movement of the Moon through the first phase of the birth sign is favorable, even if at times the Nakshatras may pose a hindrance.

You may feel emotional today. You may get involved in lot of thinking through out the day. Understand your inner feelings and whatever be the mental state, try to improve upon your shortcomings. Do not think of them as a part of your nature; instead try to change for the better. Today you may proceed towards accomplishing all important works and objectives. Asses your own internal strength and proceed accordingly to achieve your objectives. You will enjoy worldly pleasure.

You will be provided with a chance to meet your friends and relatives and you will be entertained in their company. Take care of your health. Consider various aspects of improving your health and proceed accordingly.

Your mind will continue to remain emotional today, but if you give in to the emotions, then it may result in losing your valuable time on unimportant things. If you have any interest in writing and music, then this day will prove good for it. Trumpet flower color, i.e. pale red will prove lucky for you this day.

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