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PISCES Horoscope For March 09, 2021

March 9th, 2021 Pisces Your Moon sign is Pisces. Today the Moon is in transit through Capricorn. When in Capricorn the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to the Sun, Moon, and Mars. The effect of this transit of the Moon is indicated as profitable and favorable. White red color will be extremely lucky for you this day.

You may undoubtedly get involved in all types of businesses starting from taking decisions, initiating new projects, taking up travels, financial investments, deals relating to loans and sale & purchase of materials etc today. You might be rewarded today.

People will stand in your support today. They will praise you for your good qualities. You will achieve success in the field of education, knowledge and religion. This day will be helpful in opening up the possibilities of your growth in a variety of aspects. You will experience pleasure in romance and marital life.

Your efforts in your work sphere and business will be immensely profitable this day. There will be an increase in your income. You should respect your elders brothers and sisters, and extend all cooperation to them and in returns receive their blessings.

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