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TAURUS Horoscope For April 02, 2021

April 2nd, 2021 Taurus Your birth Moon sign is Taurus. The Moon is transiting through the seventh house from Taurus in the sign Scorpio where it becomes debilitated. When in sign Scorpio, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras of Saturn and Venus. Today your mind may be specially attracted towards worldly happenings. Under these circumstances you should try your best to have control over various longings arising in your mind.

This is the time to enjoy and remain happy. You may derive pleasure from a romantic union with your better half. However, don’t rush after sensual pleasures too much.

This day will be favorable for travel. You may also opt to select a new business partner, reconsider partnership deals, or just enjoy the fruits of such collaboration.

Golden color will prove lucky for you today. You should worship Lord Krishna today. Do a review of the trend and direction your life is heading in and make sure you are on the correct path.

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