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PISCES Horoscope For April 03, 2021

April 3rd, 2021 Pisces Your Moon sign is Pisces. Today the moon is transiting through Sagittarius. When in sign Sagittarius, the Moon passes through mainly the Nakhsatras belonging to Ketu and Saturn. The effect of this transit of the Moon under normal circumstances is favorable.

This day will bring about your real experiences of this world-to get you acquainted with your relatives. You will come to realize your own position in this world where you have been born and brought up.

You will be experiencing favorable, unfavorable or mixed results this day depending on your own fate. In case you are experiencing favorable trends, then you should concentrate on all types of worldly business such as deals connected with loans and sale- purchase of material, starting new projects, taking important decisions and taking up travels etc. Your lucky color for today is yellow.

Today people will praise you depending on your worldly achievements besides appreciating your praiseworthy achievements. This day will bring you fame. It is likely that you may be rewarded today. There is a possibility that you may receive a promotion today. You should pay respect to your father and extend all assistant to them this day and receive their blessings in return.

Today you may undertake a personal analysis. You will try to find out how favorable or unfavorable your life has been accordingly find out ways and means of its rectification. Find out a way to earn a livelihood and accordingly continue with efforts therein. You may examine your own position in your work place today. People will give importance to your decisions and orders this day.

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