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ARIES Horoscope For April 06, 2021

April 6th, 2021 Aries Your birth Moon sign is Aries. The Moon is transiting through the tenth house from Aries. All astrological books have confirmed that the transit of the Moon in the tenth house of Aries is extremely favorable. You will get favorable and fruitful results today.

The lord of Capricorn sign is Saturn and it represents a mixed color of red and white. You are advised to opt for outfits containing a mixture of both these colors. Today it is auspicious to consume bitter-sour food items like Indian gooseberry (Amla) or ‘Harad’.

It is a favourable day for taking a decision on worldly aspects concerning your own work, state jobs, business, acquiring higher position etc. Success will depend on your humble approach and luck. Try to assess your own position and standing, and accordingly review whether your luck is favoring you in securing fame and prestige. In case you are vying for a promotion, there is a scope of success if you try for it today.

Enjoy the pleasant moments of life. You will feel the warmth of happiness in the company of your spouse and children. You should try your level best to keep your father happy today. If unemployed you must make sincere efforts to secure a job, you might get some fruits today. Avoid going to high places lest there is a risk of falling down.

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