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LEO Horoscope For April 13, 2021

April 13th, 2021 Leo Your Moon sign is Leo. The Moon is in transit through Aries. When in sign Aries, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras of Ketu and Mercury. Its effects may prove to be of a mixed nature, whether good or bad depends on various circumstances. Under normal conditions you will experience favorable trends from this transit.

Works undertaken concerning religious matters will bear fruitful results today. Initiative taken today will be rewarded with good results immediately or some time later. You may get a chance to review your past deeds. Accordingly you may rectify your present work. All works undertaken will be successful.

Take well thought out decisions today, and they will be in your favour. You should take up religious works or journey today. This day will be extremely favorable for initiating spiritual courses like yoga and Meditation.

Obtain blessings from your elderly. Distributing alms, assisting helpless people and undertaking works of public interest will be lucky for you. People will discuss your virtues and will have a good word to say about you.

Red will be your lucky color today. You are advised to worship Lord Shiva / Sun / Hanuman. In case you are a teacher or an acharya, you should share your knowledge with your students and the common people as well.

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