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LEO Horoscope For April 23, 2021

April 23rd, 2021 Leo Your Moon sign is Leo. Today the Moon is transiting through Leo again. This is a favourable transit for you and will yield positive results.

Your mind will remain sensitive today. If you so desire, you can start your life afresh from this day. You may analyze your mind, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and accordingly devote yourself to the path of growth. You may utilize the strength of your mind in the successful completion of a work of your choice because you are capable of completing any desirable work very skillfully today.

You are advised to closely review all your surroundings and make improvements, if any. Protect your head from injuries. The smoke color will be lucky for you today.

This day will be congenial for taking important decisions, starting new ventures and entering into sale or purchase deals. You may also consider new investments and in extending or incurring loans.

In case you remain disturbed, you should know that decisions taken under such circumstances will be wrong. When your mind is stable and peaceful, there are no obstacles created by the Moon sign in taking any decision. You will pass the day with pleasure and happiness in the company of your spouse and children.

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