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TAURUS Horoscope For April 24, 2021

April 24th, 2021 Taurus Your birth Moon sign is Taurus. Today Moon is transiting through the fourth house from your Rashi. This position warrants extreme alertness and care on your part. You should not get involved in any disputes today. As far as possible try to pass the day peacefully. Circumstances may create such a situation today which may result in a spot of bother and worry for you.

You should avoid driving vehicles or take every care while driving today. People will construct their opinion over your negative aspects today and not the positive ones. In other words public opinion may be against you to some extent.

In case you are fighting an election and voting is scheduled for this day, there is possibility of achieving success only if you are extremely fortunate. This is not your lucky day, so keep a low profile and don’t take risks. You may also incur a financial loss if you are not careful. There is a possibility of pain in the region of your heart.

It is advisable for you to rest a little but don’t consume any alcoholic drinks. You may be a victim of unnecessary suspicion and doubts in your own mind. Try to keep away from smoke or smoke colored objects today.

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