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GEMINI Horoscope For April 30, 2021

April 30th, 2021 Gemini Your birth Moon sign is Gemini. Today the Moon is transiting through the twelfth house from Gemini. During this transit, Moon will pass through the Nakshatras of Saturn and Venus. Thus, the result of this transit will be both favorable and unfavorable.

Avoid any type of arguments or disputes today. Lead a simple life and keep pending all important decisions. Do not give or take a loan today. Stay away from arms and ammunitions or anything sharp. Your enemies may be active today, so be alert. Take care of your belongings especially your house, as there is a possibility of theft. Try to build up your self-confidence. Try to overcome your fears.

Worship of lord Krishna will give you peace. You may be struggling to overcome vices such as anger, wine, greed, physical attractions and worldliness. Some negative thoughts may bother you for sometime. Be careful especially in matters of finance today. Consult a doctor at the slightest doubt of a disease.

Stay away from golden color. You will pass your time happily today, but at the same time you will feel a little inactive during the day.

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