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TAURUS Horoscope For May 15, 2021

May 15th, 2021 Taurus Your birth Moon sign is Taurus. The Moon is transiting through the second house from Taurus. During this transit the Moon passes through the Nakshatras of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. This period requires serious thinking. The Moon transiting through the second house may produce good or bad results. It is determined on the basis of the transitional relation, strength and ‘Dasha’ of the Moon related to other planets.

You may receive a letter with some good news today. Some special events may take place in your family such as Marriage, celebrations, new-born in the family, arrival of guests or any other positive event. You will be provided with delicious food.

If you are interested in singing, working on this art will give you good results. You can also practice your public speaking and vocabulary skills. Avoid over-expenditure and keep a tab on your wealth. This is a good day for depositing money in the bank, but avoid withdrawals. Do not lend money today.

Make good use of your position and standing, never misuse it. There should not be any misunderstanding with your neighbors and as far as possible you should try to maintain peace and harmony with them. You should totally avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks today. Keep away from evildoers and unreligious people lest they may lure you for leaning towards criminal activities.

Green color will be lucky for you today. Include this color in the clothes you wear today, and you will get the beneficial influence. Take special care of your eyes and keep them well protected.

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