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PISCES Horoscope For June 03, 2021

June 2nd, 2021 Pisces Your Moon sign is Pisces. Today the Moon is transiting through Aquarius. The effects of this transit of Moon are indicative of misfortune. When in Aquarius, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter.

You should not take up any important decisions or start any new projects. You should not get involved in any deal concerning sale or purchase, as it is bound to incur losses for you. People will stand against you and may forcibly find faults in your work. Brown color is most unlucky for you this day.

The parts of your body, which are to be given utmost attention today, are your legs and eyes. You should not get involved in any financial dealings and take up travel today. In case all the adverse effects are combined together, sometimes time may pass pleasantly contrary to all these adverse effects. But it is certain that the Moon in Aquarius sign keeps your mind in a state of anxiety all through the day.

You should keep absolute control over your expenses today; otherwise you may become a pauper. You may take advantage of your apprehensive, disturbed and sorrowful state of mind and may contribute towards writing poems, painting etc.

Incase of mental agony you should opt for a little rest. Do not get involved in undesirable activities or undesirable associates. Avoid climbing to higher places or going through dangerous places. Your religious activities today will be favorable and helpful in passing the day peacefully.

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