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SCORPIO Horoscope For June 05, 2021

June 4th, 2021 Scorpio Your Moon sign is Scorpio. Today the Moon is transiting through Pisces. During this period the moon will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. Depending on its position, the effects of the Moon during this transit may be threefold, but under normal circumstances it is believed to yield good results.

White is your lucky color today. This day will be most favorable for you for studies. In case you are appearing for exams, you will get adequate results depending upon your capabilities. Your efforts for entry into new educational institutions and matters relating to the field of study and teaching will yield favorable results. Extend all your support to your children and other unfortunate children, which will help in improving your fortune.

You should give more attention to your food habits this day. Sticking to rich food may result in stomach problems. If you are stable, then you may go ahead with starting new projects, taking decisions, making financial investments, sale and purchase deals, traveling etc. Your past deeds will decide your present.

You may participate in a meeting of intellectuals depending upon your own standing. You may interact with them and prove your own intellectual qualities. You have been provided with a golden opportunity to repay your loans and end long standing enmity.

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