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CAPRICORN Horoscope For June 07, 2021

June 6th, 2021 Capricorn Your Moon sign is Capricorn. Today the Moon is transiting through Aries. During this transit the Moon passes through the Nakashatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon does not yield favorable results. Red is unlucky for you today.

You should not get involved in sale and purchase deals, arriving at important decisions, initiating new projects, financial investments, taking up journey and loan transactions etc. Be very careful while driving vehicles. You may feel anxiety, panic, religious instabilities and evil thoughts today. Pray to the gods for strength and believe in yourself.

If you are determined, things will be in your control as the Nakshatra belonging to Mercury is in your favor. You may achieve success in areas relating to knowledge and education. You may utilize the changed status of your mind for writing poems and articles.

Exercise caution in matters relating to water and be careful of domesticated animals. People may go against, you but you should try to overlook this. This day might not bring you much comfort. You should avoid getting irritated or getting stuck up in disputes. You are advised to keep your emotions under check. Pass the day simply and try to move ahead in the path of peace and prosperity.

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