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CANCER Horoscope For June 10, 2021

June 9th, 2021 Cancer Your Moon sign is Cancer. Today the Moon is transiting through the eleventh house, or Taurus. When in Taurus, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Sun, Moon and Mars. Firstly, moon is more powerful being placed in its own sign during the time of birth. Secondly, the moon is in an exalted position today. Thirdly, it is passing through the eleventh house, and fourthly, other Nakshatras are also favorable. If the Moon in such position yields unfavorable results, then it is certainly a surprise.

This day is favorable for you for arriving at important decisions and initiating any new projects. Remain fearless today. According to the vedic religion, the person who encourages others to be fearless turns becomes fearless himself. The person, who evokes fear in others, will remain unhappy even if the Nakshatras remain in his favor.

This day is beneficial from the angle of financial investment, sales and purchase etc. You may receive gifts from some quarter. There is every possibility of profits too. Your pleasing relationship with your elder brothers and sisters will help in enhancing your luck.

If you are suffering from ear related disease, then consulting a doctor is essential. You may have ample public support today. If you are contesting an election and today is the polling day, then there is every possibility of your coming out victorious. Recognize your staunch supporters and extend your respect and compassion towards them.

Red color is lucky for you today. Worshiping Lord Krishna will be favorable for you. Your mental strength will increase and you will feel active today.

You will extract pleasure through your romantic involvements during the course of the day. You will come across some pleasant moments with your family and worldly life. If you are undertaking a journey, then it will bear the desired fruits.

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