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Aries Daily Horoscope For January 12, 2015

January 12th, 2015 Aries

Lifezodiac.com : Your Moonsign(Rashi) was Aries while birth. The Moon is stationed in the sixth house from your Rashi today. It is broadly assumed that the Moon in the sixth house is auspicious, but from experience it demands careful attention.

You should be careful not to get involved in any short of dispute or tussle. In such a case irrespective of whoever wins or loses there is no doubt that you will have to face a loss of some sort. The lord of your Rashi is Mars whereas Mercury is today’s Rashi lord. Both these planets are considered enemic to each other. That is why you are likely to experience some adverse circumstances.

You should not borrow or lend money today, but today is favorable day to repay loans totally. In case you are engaged in work related to tools, sharpened elements or materials of similar type, you should be careful – you may get hurt. Do not forget to consult the doctor for any disease or an injury if any are suffered today.

Try to avoid sale or purchase or anything special this day. Is your house secured from all sides? Check carefully and ensure that a thief can’t enter.

It is said that Virgo Rashi represents variegated colors or patterns. Such colored clothes and materials should be avoided for today.

It is advisable that you should maintain cordial relations with everyone around you. Make a check on your maternal uncle today. Lead a simple life. Avoid consuming preparations containing mixed items today. Try to avoid eating out to make sure you don’t fall ill.

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