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Gemini Horoscope For April 15, 2016

April 15th, 2016 Gemini Your birth Moon sign is Gemini. Today the Moon is transiting through Cancer, which is placed second from your Moon sign. During this transit, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. The effects of this transit may yield favorable, unfavorable, or mixed results depending on the strength of the Moon, coincidence, or your own fate.

You should take care not to enter into any financial investment today. Only when you are getting an outright profit should you go for a sale. Do not give or take loans today. If you are inclined towards music or oratory, then today is a good day to improvise.

You may get money from an unexpected source. If you have been waiting for something for a while, try a little harder to get it, and there is every possibility of success. Avoid entering into a dispute with your neighbors. Healthy relationship with your neighbors will be highly beneficial for you.

Pay attention to your food habits. Carelessness may cause stomach ailments. Spend quality time with your spouse and children. If you are going to take admission in an educational institution do so today and whatever goal you have in mind will be achieved. Take good care of your eyes today.

Bring happiness to yourself and onto other by spreading love and affection. You may use yellowish red color in your clothing today. Worship lord Shiva to increase your chances of success.

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