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SCORPIO Horoscope For January 13, 2020

January 12th, 2020 Scorpio Your Moon sign is Scorpio. The Moon is transiting through Cancer today. The effect of this transit is determined from various angles, but it is yielding favorable results under normal circumstances. The Moon is slated to be passing through the Nakshatras belonging mainly to Saturn and Venus and proceed further this day. Today your fate will be on your side.

You are likely to be inclined towards performing religious rites today. This day will prove conducive for you from all angles. In case you opt for religious travels or other religious works, you will obtain favorable results. The degree of your luck will depend on the extent of your good and helpful deeds of the past. If you happen to be interested only in acquiring money and enjoying its fruits without thinking of helping others, then the outcome of today’s good fortune will be less pronounced. In spite of your efforts and talent, you will be rewarded keeping in view the social help that you have given. If have indulged in helping the poor during your good time in the past, then you will rewarded for it today.

You will pass your time happily today. You are advised to carry out your worldly business and deals with persons known to you. In case you are a teacher, dispense with rudeness and extend selfless cooperation and help to your students and others as well. You will pass your time happily with your entire family today. This day is extremely favorable for you to execute purchase deals. Pale red color will be lucky for you today.

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